Probate & Trust Administration

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At Durham Jones & Pinegar, the job of our estate planning attorneys is to ensure a smooth transfer of property and assets to heirs and beneficiaries. Following the death of a loved one, you need that peace of mind.

Probate is easier than you think

While many clients come to our office assuming that probate is complex and lengthy, the entire process is not that difficult. Even without an estate plan, we can help you get through probate depending on the nature of the estate and the possibility of disputes among the heirs.

Getting you through the probate process.

At Durham Jones & Pinegar, we recognize the need for estate planning and asset protection. However, there are occasions when the deceased did not take those necessary steps. Grieving the loss of a loved one is emotional. You do not need to deal with the additional burden of probate on your own. We try to make the process as easy as possible for you. We will work with you and other affected family members so you can all get on with your lives.

The need for estate planning and asset protection after probate

Once the probate process is completed, you and other beneficiaries may be in need of post-mortem estate planning. A sudden financial windfall requires careful steps to manage your inheritance properly. We can help you protect those assets and establish a will and trust. Those proactive steps benefit you and the heirs you leave behind as well.

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