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Trademark & Unfair Competition

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DJP’s Trademark attorneys assist client in protecting names, logos and other sources of origin which build good will with the public.  The name of a company or a product is key to building goodwill with consumers.  While common law trademarks exist without registration, a registered trademark provides numerous procedural advantages and can be used to more easily prevent those who wish to trade off the good will of the trademark owner.  By securing its trademarks and service marks, a company gains a competitive advantage.  An indication of our experience and capacity, we manage the largest single trademark portfolio in the State of Utah.

Significant Areas of Service

  • Preparation and prosecution of trademark applications
  • Ability to register a trademark, validity and infringement analysis
  • Conducting opposition and cancelation proceedings in the USPTO
  • Trademark and unfair competition litigation in state and federal courts
  • Trademark portfolio management
  • Preparation of trademark licensing and assignment agreements
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