Live Webinar: Step by Step Through the Purchase Contract

Join us on July 31st at 11 a.m. MST for a live Lorman webinar on “Step by Step Through the Purchase Contract” taught by Real Estate Attorney, Gretta C. Spendlove.

Avoid ambiguities and pitfalls of real estate purchase agreements by understanding the critical terms needed for success.

Real estate purchase agreements for commercial developments often involve millions of dollars and form the basis for subdivisions, office parks, or shopping malls that are many times more valuable than the purchase price of the land. Mistakes made at the purchase agreement stage can haunt a development for years and the costs of mistakes in drafting can be high. Real estate purchase agreements for residences can also be challenging and difficult to prepare, with the risk of liability to the drafter and the parties to the contract. This topic helps drafters of real estate purchase agreements to understand the critical terms to include and how to avoid ambiguities and other pitfalls.

Gretta C. Spendlove is a member of Durham Jones & Pinegar’s Real Estate section. Ms. Spendlove’s practice focuses on real estate, corporate law and business transactions. Her experience includes representation of buyers and sellers in purchasing, selling, leasing and developing real estate; creating legal entities such as joint ventures, corporations and limited liability companies; in buying and selling businesses; and handling intellectual property issues such as trademarks and copyrights.