D|J|P Uses Innovative Procedure to Shut Down Corporate Espionage 2018-06-18T15:52:24+00:00

Project Description

February 2015:  When DJP’s corporate client became concerned that a former employee may have removed confidential information and was attempting to use it to benefit himself and his new employer (a competitor of our client), DJP litigators David W. Tufts and Z. Ryan Pahnke moved quickly to obtain judicial relief by devising and employing an innovative procedure. Before the complaint was served, our litigators petitioned the court on an emergency ex parte basis to obtain an order requiring the former employee to turn over all of his electronic communication and data for preservation and use in seeking an injunction.

When this order was executed on the faithless former employee, he and his new employer could see that their scheme was about to be exposed, and they immediately discontinued their wrongful conduct and stipulated to a significant period of non-competition so that our client was able to repair the harm done, and thereby avoid the time and expense of protracted litigation. This innovative approach, devised and executed by our litigators, demonstrates DJP’s commitment to obtaining success using procedures that are quicker and less expensive than traditional methods.