Dispute Resolution

In many cases, mediation is a viable alternative to litigation, which can be expensive, time-consuming and unsatisfying. Mediation can help resolve disputes more quickly, reduce costs, increase client awareness of issues and risks, preserve on-going business and personal relationships, accommodate divergent foreign laws and cultures in international transactions and minimize public disclosure.

Mediation Services

Mediation can resolve many litigation matters. In addition, it can be utilized by clients and attorneys in mergers & acquisitions and other business transactions, real estate transactions, bankruptcy proceedings, tax & probate matters and family law disputes. Our certified mediators can help manage and resolve disputes, incorporate mediation into businesses, and educate and train client representatives and attorneys to more effectively advocate their positions in mediation.

Employment Dispute Resolution

We work with organizations, their legal departments and their law firms to design and implement dispute resolution programs to prevent, manage and resolve conflict and litigation on a case-by-case basis and on an enterprise-wide basis. Multi-mechanism dispute resolution programs, which are particularly effective in dealing with employment disputes, provide a high level of employee and company satisfaction. We offer consulting services to provide organizations with the tools they need to create and maintain an effective employee dispute management strategy by implementing a customized dispute resolution program. The benefits of an employment dispute resolution program include reducing costs, reducing the time necessary to resolve disputes, preserving relationships, improving personnel performance thereby increasing productivity, increasing employee and company satisfaction, improving public relations and company reputation, and enabling businesses to cooperate with regulatory agencies. We provide a variety of services related to employment dispute prevention and resolution, including assisting in the design and implementation of effective programs. Our design and implementation services include: (1) Conducting a detailed review of the existing dispute resolution processes and the organizational goals, and providing a recommendation for an employment dispute resolution program that meets those goals, including program implementation methodology for the organization. (2) Preparing the documentation, such as the program description, policies and procedures, recordkeeping systems, and communications material necessary to implement an employment dispute resolution program. (3) Developing training programs and materials and conducting the training of the organization’s program administrators and other key employees, such as management, legal, human resources personnel, and others necessary to effectively maintain, utilize and administer an employment dispute resolution program. (4) Developing and implementing a program administration protocol, including identifying the processes and information necessary to track the employment dispute resolution program for pre-program comparative analysis and other purposes.