Governmental Entity Defense

We have an experienced team of trial and appellate lawyers who defend governmental entities and their officials and employees in litigation involving federal civil rights, constitutional, employment, land use and personal injury claims. Our defense team is uniquely positioned with lawyers on the ground practicing in both northern and southern Utah. And with offices in Salt Lake, Washington, Utah and Weber Counties, we are able to provide localized service to our governmental clients in the communities that they serve.

Our representation is not limited to the courtroom—it includes working with our clients to avoid that risk. We advise and consult with our governmental clients in the areas of employment law, general risk management, procurement issues, land use, development and zoning. Two of our attorneys currently serve as the city attorneys for cities in Southern Utah.

Our defense and related governmental representation includes the following areas:

Government Services

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Civil Rights Defense
We have extensive experience defending government and its officials and employees in civil rights lawsuits. This includes an emphasis in defending police departments and officers against excessive force claims. In addition to courtroom representation, we provide training on excessive force, police department liability, search and seizure, and civil rights issues for law enforcement personnel.

We provide the full range of employment related defense: harassment and discrimination claims, wrongful termination, municipal employee appeals, whistleblower claims, wage and hour issues, and issues related to discipline and discharge. We also work closely with management and HR professionals in a risk management capacity to avoid costly claims before they arise. This includes drafting and developing employee policies and handbooks, conducting harassment training, and performing internal investigations. We also have extensive experience working with municipal employee appeal boards–including drafting appeal board ordinances.

General Tort Liability
We have defended and prevailed for government against all types of personal injury and property damage claims. To that end we have extensive experience with Governmental Immunity Act claims and issues. Our governmental defense lawyers have been involved in several appeals involving first impression issues under the Immunity Act.

Land Use and Zoning
Since the founding of our St. George office in 1979, we have had a long history representing local government in land use and zoning issues. Our governmental defense attorneys have continued that legacy. We represent local government on the range of land use and zoning issues: from appeals of land use decisions, to road dedication claims, to inverse condemnation matters.

Issues and Appeals
We recognize that each case involving a government defendant has the potential to create precedent that erodes the protections afforded to government and its officials, deplete the public treasury, and otherwise discourage able people from public service. We have the experience and background necessary to handle first impression and other difficult legal issues involving local government law: from federal and state constitutional issues to issues involving Utah’s Governmental Immunity Act. Our team has the experience to protect the interests of our governmental clients and the industries that serve them.