Legal Briefs

Utah Legislature Imposes Limits on Post-Employment Non-Competition Covenants

The Utah Legislature recently enacted the Post-Employment Restrictions Act (Act), which took effect on May 10, 2016.  The Act restricts non-competition agreements with employees.  It does not limit non-solicitation, non-disclosure, or confidentiality agreements.  The Act applies to non-competition agreements executed... Read More

Are Living Trusts Still Relevant?

Are Living Trusts Still Relevant? Robert L. Bolick, Esq. – Durham Jones & Pinegar Living trusts are as important now as ever – possibly even more relevant today than in the past. Many people confuse the whopping $5,430,000 federal estate... Read More

Government Shutdown – How it’s Affecting E-Verify

Sept. 30, 2013  — At midnight the government posted E-Verify shutdown information on the E-Verify login page and made additional information and instructions available for employers who use E-Verify. The following is the announcement: “The USCIS Electronic Immigration System (USCIS... Read More