Forty Durham Jones & Pinegar Attorneys Named as “Utah’s Legal Elite”

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Salt Lake City — Utah Business magazine recently announced that forty Durham Jones & Pinegar attorneys—more than half the firm—have been included on the 2011 edition of “Utah’s Legal Elite.” The list that is published in the January issue is a compilation of legal leaders as selected by their peers.

Listed below are areas of practice in which attorneys were honored:


Kenneth L. Cannon, II, Bankruptcy/Workout

Penrod W. Keith, Bankruptcy/Workout

Steven J. McCardell, Bankruptcy/Workout

Michael F. Thomson, Bankruptcy/Workout

Business Litigation

David L. Arrington, Business Litigation

R. Stephen Marshall, Business Litigation

Bryan J. Pattison, Business Litigation

Corporate Law and Transactions

Justin J. Atwater, Corporate Law and Transactions

Chris L. Engstrom, Corporate Law

Jeffrey M. Jones, Corporate Law and Transactions

N. Todd Leishman, Corporate Law

Joshua E. Little, Corporate Law and Transactions

Kevin R. Pinegar, Corporate Law and Transactions

Russell K. Smith, Corporate Law

Thomas R. Taylor, Corporate Law and Transactions

Civil Litigation

Peter H. Donaldson, Civil Litigation

J. Mark Gibb, Civil Litigation

David W. Tufts, Civil Litigation

Matthew G. Grimmer, Civil Litigation

Jason R. Hull, Civil Litigation

Patrick E. Johnson, Civil Litigation

Erik A. Olson, Civil Litigation

Z. Ryan Pahnke, Civil Litigation

Civil Trial

Michael F. Leavitt, Civil Trial

Family Law

A. Howard Lundgren, Family Law

Thomas J. Burns, Family Law

Emily B. Smoak, Family Law


Wayne D. Swan, Immigration

Timothy M. Wheelwright, Immigration

Labor and Employment

Steve K. Gordon, Labor and Employment

Richard M. Hymas, Labor and Employment

Erin T. Middleton, Labor and Employment

Real Estate

Paul M. Durham, Real Estate

David F. Klomp, Real Estate

David P. “Dade” Rose, Real Estate

Gretta C. Spendlove, Real Estate


Mark L. Astling, Tax

E. Troy Blanchard, Tax

Wills, Trusts and Estates

Gregory N. Barrick, Wills, Trusts and Estates