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Las Vegas Paralegal Daniel Maul Receives Volunteer Surrogate Award

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Congratulations to Durham Jones & Pinegar Las Vegas paralegal Daniel Maul for the Volunteer Surrogate Award he received from the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada for his advocacy on behalf of disadvantaged students. The award was presented by Nevada Supreme Court Justice Kristina Las Vegas Paralegal Daniel Maul Receives Volunteer Surrogate AwardPickering at last Friday’s pro bono awards luncheon.

Mr. Maul volunteered to help a child in foster care who was adopted and then abused by his adoptive parents. When the child came back into foster care at the age of 14, he was traumatized and was acting out in school. When the school was frustrated with the child and seemed close to giving up on him, our volunteer went to work. He spent countless hours working with this student’s team at school and ensured that the school recognized the barriers that were hindering him from achieving his educational goals. Mr. Maul insisted that the school develop specifically-tailored accommodations to address this student’s unique situation. As a result of Mr. Maul’s work, this child is about to graduate, and our volunteer was recently invited to the party to celebrate.

Daniel Maul is a litigation paralegal and case manager at Durham Jones & Pinegar, P.C., with over 10 years of experience throughout all stages of litigation. Daniel earned his Associates of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies from the Community College of Southern Nevada (now known as the College of Southern Nevada) in 2005, graduating with honors. He also earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Entrepreneurship from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2010.  From 2011 through 2014, Daniel used his entrepreneurial degree to operate and manage a Las Vegas courier business.  Daniel was born and raised in Las Vegas and has a strong desire to provide access to justice to the Las Vegas community.  Since February of 2012, Daniel has volunteered countless hours as an Educational Surrogate Parent through the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada.  As an Educational Surrogate Parent, he advocates for the educational needs on behalf of disadvantaged students.