Diversity Commitment

We recognize that diversity is critical to success, and we welcome the unique perspectives that a diverse workforce brings to the firm, our clients and our profession. Diversity plays a key role in the firm’s culture and core values. We value our professionals’ ability to learn from each other and believe that the personalities, life experiences and values of our attorneys set us apart from other law firms. And it enable us to deliver the highest quality of legal services to our clients.

Diversity Policy

D|J|P has a non-discrimination policy and is a signatory of and is committed to the goals set forth in the Utah Minority Bar Association’s “Pledge to Racial and Ethnic Diversity for Utah’s Legal Employers,” (2003) including engaging in efforts:

(I) to pursue full and equal opportunity and participation for all attorneys, including attorneys of color;

(II) to increase the pool of applicants of color (law students and lateral hires) who will meet our hiring criteria; and

(III) to increase retention and promotion rates for attorneys of color by taking the following steps whenever possible: assisting each newly hired attorney (regardless of race, ethnicity, or level) in learning the firm’s culture, history, practices, and procedures; helping to ensure that all attorneys, including attorneys of color, are afforded, on a consistent basis, opportunities equivalent to those provided to all other attorneys in the quality and quantity of legal work assignments as necessary to develop skills and acquire experience for success and advancement; and communicating to each attorney and staff member the firm’s commitment to achieving the objectives stated herein, as well as the firm’s intolerance for discrimination within the workplace.

D|J|P is a supporter of the Utah Minority Bar Association Scholarship Program, which assists law students from the S. J. Quinney College of Law and the J. Reuben Clark Law School who have a demonstrated record of service to racial and ethnic minority communities in completing their legal education. The firm will continue in our diversity efforts and seek to partner with clients, bar associations and community organizations to make our society and our profession fully inclusive.