Community Involvement

Board Participation

Our attorneys serve or have served on the boards of trustees of non-profit corporations and other organizations. Some examples include the following:

Academic Support

We work to help improve educational opportunities for students at all grade levels. One of the ways we contribute is by serving on school community boards, councils, parent-teacher committees, and in volunteer capacities. Some examples include the following:

Bar Associations

Many of our attorneys have held leadership positions in the state and local bar associations.

Economic Development

To further demonstrate our commitment, and to fulfill our ethical obligation for pro-bono work, we generously contribute to “and Justice for all” on behalf of our attorneys. “and Justice for all” is a fund-raising organization sanctioned by the Utah Supreme Court to raise funds for worthwhile organizations that provide legal services directly to poor and disadvantaged individuals throughout the state of Utah. These organizations include Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake,Utah Legal Services, the Disability Law Center and the Multi-Cultural Legal Center.

We are a proud sponsor of the Southern Utah Economic Summit Event, “What’s Up Down” South.

As the largest law firm in Southern Utah, we actively participate in events that support our business clients in St. George and its surrounding communities.

In addition to the legal work we do for all types of businesses, we work with community groups that help educate companies and attract thriving businesses to the areas in which we operate. According to research from the Milken Institute, four Utah cities that we serve are among the top 25 locations to business. You can learn about the benefits of living and working in one of our strong Utah communities by watching this short video (Courtesy of Utah Technology Council):

Pro-bono Work

Our attorneys do pro-bono work for causes including: